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What is a “problem”? If your mindset is influenced by ITIL, you might be missing out on the inherent potential of problem management. Here Michael Keeling explains.
We asked our readers which topic areas they and their fellow ITSM practitioners would like content-related help with in 2022, and here we share the results.
Most IT service management (ITSM) service providers face multiple challenges in IT Operations. This article has been written to help you to understand what these challenges are and offers associated recommendations for providing better ITSM processes and IT services.
Organizations must learn to deal with the unforgiving, harsh reality of business transformation and relentless change. How on Earth, does ITIL 4 make a difference?
The use of a configuration management database (CMDB) has long been the subject of ITSM debate. To help your CMDB thinking, and success, this article offers up three ways in which to rethink your organization’s use of its CMDB(s).
This article by Jamie Bell focuses on one of the ITIL 4 Service Management Practices – the Service Desk practice. As well as the associated practice guide and what it entails. Get all the details here.
This article reports back on the results of our latest content poll, which asked respondents to choose the five ITSM topics they most need help with in 2021. We also look at how things have changed versus 2020. Get the results here.
Here, Ivor Macfarlane takes a nostalgic and very accurate view of ITIL’s seven guiding principles. When it comes to behavior the important ideas that underpin it really haven’t changed much in the last 100 years. Intrigued? Read on.
This article explains, using ITIL guiding principles, how to get engagement, dialog, and a better understanding of the value that’s delivered.
As part of helping your organization to take a practical and pragmatic approach to change management, the final article in this series looks at change and configuration management, and change management and DevSecOps.
In the second part of this series, Gary Percival provides advice on how to adopt a practical and pragmatic approach to change management in the new business and IT worlds.
Here Joe the IT Guy shares three tips to consider, and apply, before committing your organization to the risk of an emergency change, from questioning the change’s emergency status to taking the time required to make the best decision possible.
This is the first in a three-part series of ITSM articles about the new thinking in change management that offers a practical and pragmatic approach to managing change in the new business and IT worlds.
From incident management to problem management, managing changes to exploiting knowledge, here Joe the IT Guy shares his five top tips for successfully getting started with ITIL.
In a previous article we presented the results of our ITIL 4 adoption survey. Here we dive deeper into some of the correlations to help establish the different views on ITIL 4 and its adoption across different role types.