Why AI and Automation Powered ESM and ITSM is Now a Must

AI and automation

ITSM and ESM tool vendors have developed intelligent solutions that integrate AI into their solutions. These ITSM tools include AI modules or integrate AI to address a variety of business concerns, including worker shortages, as well as improving the end-user experience.

The What, Why, And How of Employee Experience for IT 

Employee Experience for IT

Here Sarah Lahav, CEO, SysAid has written about using experience data to first understand where your organization currently is, and second to drive the required improvements. Get the help you need related to employee experience and read it now.

The Great Redundancy and Our New Ways of Working

The Great Redundancy

The Great Resignation, Great Redundancy, and Great Retirement movements escalated when COVID hit the global economy. COVID forced people to work from home and, once at home, it was a case of “Hey! I can do this or that. In fact, THAT can become a new way of doing what I like to do.” In this article, Daniel Breston looks at how our approach to working has changed forever.

ITSM.tools’ ITSM Webinars

This “living” article has been created as a handy resource that lists the ITSM webinars ITSM.tools has participated in since 2021. It’ll be regularly updated during 2022 with new webinars as needed.

The State of ITSM Two Years into the Pandemic

State of ITSM

This article shares the highlights of the most recent State of ITSM report looking at the impact of employee remote working, challenges related to the pandemic, technology adoption, and the business view of IT.

ITSM: What is IT Service Management?

ITSM Explained

What is ITSM? Why is ITSM important? What are ITSM’s benefits? And what are ITSM’s “quick wins”? Find out more with our comprehensive overview.