ITSM Articles

IT isn’t about adding in new technology or automating processes with the latest gadgets and gizmos or buzzword solutions. It’s about facilitating more business value. So how should IT organizations focus on and demonstrate the business value they deliver?
There’s a wealth of materials available to help create or improve various ITSM processes and increase levels of maturity. But how do we turn this into a ITSM roadmap? Here Richard Josey discusses how to build and refine yours.
What’s the best way to represent your configuration item relationships that are created and managed within your CMDB? Here, Mark O’Brien shares his experiences at Leeds Building Society and tips to help you better visualize your CMDB.
In this article, Stephen Mann discusses a variety of ITSM futures including ITSM tool implementations, near-term technology futures, and business disruption.
In this article Daniel Card offers up ten key elements that he thinks enables risk management to bring about business value (and to increase the security posture). Take a look.
Unfamiliar with VeriSM – the new approach to service management (not just IT service management)? This article provides a brief overview of its philosophy and model, and includes links to other useful sources.
Could it be a cool idea to see ourselves as ITSM magicians? Using our magic skills to provide the tools and capabilities our customers need to use? And if so, how do we use this idea to make things better?
This article looks at the importance of “ITSM Process Compliance”, why it’s needed, what it involves, and the potential pitfalls to avoid. Read more here.
ITSM conferences offer up a variety of learning opportunities, particularly around the future of the industry and innovation. But do you put into practice what you learn? Here, Simone Jo Moore takes us on the magical conference journey.
Simon Morris of ServiceNow discusses how it’s time for ITSM to transition to, and embrace, “intelligent work” – by putting people at the center of the experience and technology at the service of that person.
Why is it that in the list of recently published ITSM hot topics, “people” topics come nowhere near the top? Do people not understand that business change is not built on process and technology, it’s built on people. Read more here.
What is APM? Why is it needed? What are its benefits? And how do you select the right solution? Find your answers in this article.
From Automation to Digital Transformation, DevOps to ITIL, will these top 5 ITSM trends and topics for 2018 as voted for by our readers surprise you?
Following his recent “Ask the Expert” webinar, industry authority Daniel Breston pens the answers to over 20 pressing ITSM and DevOps questions asked by IT Practitioners.
Instead of IT being a business support function, IT is needed as an innovation engine within the company – this means that CIOs must find ways to promote and institutionalize innovation. Design thinking can be one of the ways to do that.