Onboarding Your People: First Impressions Count

This article shows the interesting (and rather alarming) results of a survey of 1000 employees, from organizations that employ 250 to 5000 people, about their most recent onboarding experience. Read the results here.

What 2022 Needs to Know About Employee Experience 

2022 and Employee Experience 

This article shares five key insights from The Global IT Experience Benchmark Report™ H2/2021, including how self-service portals are no longer the least liked IT touchpoint and how badly service desk ticket bounces are affecting your users.

Why Understanding Risks Improves Your Decision-making

Understanding Risks Improves Decision-making

Decision-making is such a critical business component that any decision-making is to be encouraged as long as you learn and adapt based on the outcome. And here there’s an important link to understanding risks.

ITSM in 2022: Trends to Watch Now

ITSM in 2022

In 2022 ITSM professionals need to take more time to think through their long-term strategy and lay the groundwork for future improvements. Here TOPdesk details what to expect.

What ITSM Help Do You Need in 2022?


As we kick off 2022 it’s time for you – our readers – to let us know which topics you need the most help with in the year ahead, by completing our quick one-question poll. Vote here.

The Common Challenges in Managing and Delivering ITSM Processes

Challenges in Managing and Delivering ITSM Processes

Most IT service management (ITSM) service providers face multiple challenges in IT Operations. This article has been written to help you to understand what these challenges are and offers associated recommendations for providing better ITSM processes and IT services.