How Can ITSM Practitioners Improve Themselves in 2022?

ITSM Practitioners

We asked 35 industry authorities for their thoughts on how practitioners should be improving themselves next year. From widening their knowledge, skills, and experience to listening more, here’s what they had to say.

The Chatbot Manifesto

Chatbot Manifesto

Looking for a little ‘secret sauce’ behind chatbot success? This chatbot manifesto provides a list of 20 ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ when it comes to using chatbots in your organization.

Digital Transformation and the Need for a Better Service Experience

Digital Transformation Experience

Digital transformation efforts must be built around people and their expectations, not the technological capabilities that are now available. Here Sami Kallio discusses why introducing the right mechanisms and metrics, employing data-driven decision making, and driving the needed cultural change, is so important.

The 5 Simple Rules of Effective IT Governance

Effective IT Governance

Follow the five simple rules described in this article by Steve Morgan to help you to prevent your organization from getting caught out by the common pitfalls when it comes to effective IT governance.

Selling the Opportunity of Enterprise Service Management to Your Organization

Selling the Opportunity of Enterprise Service Management

Struggling to get started – or see success – with enterprise service management? This article will help, by sharing data and good practices related to what others are doing such that the potential of enterprise service management can be best articulated, and then delivered, to other business functions.

Story Points – Are They a Useful Agile Tool?

Agile Story Points

This article looks at how story points are used across organizations, with advice on their best application in respect of two common hindrances in the proper application of story points in agile teams.

The State of IT Self-Service in 2021

State of IT Self Service

This article presents some of the key survey findings of our State of IT Self-Service in 2021 report, including how only one in five organizations (21%) reported that the expected ROI for their IT self-service investment was achieved.