How Do You Choose an ITSM Consultant?

Choose an ITSM Consultant

How can you identify an ITSM consultant who will actually deliver targeted advice that will help you meet your goals, rather than generic advice that could have been delivered to any customer? Here’s how.

The State of Service Management 2021

ITSM 2021

This article shares some of the key findings from the joint ITSMtools and Praecipio 2021 State of Service Management Report across five key areas of: business value, employee wellbeing, service management, technology, and experience and improvement.

How Do You Value Your Time (and the Time of Others)?

How Do You Value Your Time?

Time is our most precious currency. It has a monetary value. But if time is our most precious currency, then why are we not treating it that way, and using the language of value when we talk about the way we spend it?

4 Predictions That Will Impact Your ITSM Strategy

Predictions for ITSM Strategy

This article looks at what a number of service management authorities predict to be the most important changes, or trends, for service management professionals to understand and address in 2021 and beyond. Read it here.

IT Leaders: It’s Time to Talk About Mental Health

It’s Time to Talk About Mental Health

As a leader, expecting your team to be open about their mental health at work without leading by example is entirely unrealistic. Here Emma Vallely explains why, and also why one-off reactive pieces of support for mental health don’t really help either.

Why Continual Improvement Needs Experience Data

Continual Improvement and Experience Data

This article by Sami Kallio explains how experience data can be employed not only to measure outcomes and value, but also to highlight issues, better understand the root causes, and help construct the required solutions.

What Kind of IT Organization Do You Work in?

What Kind of IT Organization?

How did your IT organization, group, or department fare during the global pandemic? Patrick Bolger’s research identified three distinct groups in terms of performance – where does yours fit?