Flow Metrics Explained

Flow Metrics

This article explains what flow metrics are and how they’ll help the operations and outcomes of your service teams and the people within them. Read David Stewart’s insights here.

Want the 2020 Gartner ITSM Magic Quadrant for Free?

2020 Gartner ITSM Magic Quadrant

Here we’ve rounded up a list of seven of the most recent analyst reports for ITSM that are free-to-access via ITSM tool vendors. This includes the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities reports. Get them all here.

Finding the ITSM Learning Model That Suits You Best

ITSM Learning Model

This article takes a look at three learning models that can be used to help you learn more about ITSM: experiential learning, evidence-based learning, and flipped learning. If you’re considering ITSM training in the near future have a read and see which format may work best for you.

What Do You Love Most About Working in IT?

Love About Working in IT

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I asked a number of people working in IT and ITSM roles what they love most about working in IT. The answers were varied and make for interesting reading. Take a look and see if it perhaps reinforces the reason(s) why you also love working in IT (or perhaps don’t).

Culture and Transformation

Culture and Transformation

How can business and IT leaders support the cultural changes that will be needed to increase agility and resilience in the digital age? Here Erin Casteel explores, in her second article of a three-part series.