41 Pieces of Practical Advice for IT Leaders for 2021

Practical Advice for IT Leaders

Here, 41 ITSM and IT management industry authorities provide what they believe to be practical advice for IT leaders to help them succeed in 2021 and beyond. The responses are interesting and varied, so please take a look.

The Win(d)s of Change Management – Part 3

Change Management Tips

As part of helping your organization to take a practical and pragmatic approach to change management, the final article in this series looks at change and configuration management, and change management and DevSecOps.

What IT Service Desks Need to Do in 2021

IT Service Desks 2021

This article by Patrick Bolger delves into four key steps for IT service desks to take to help drive their organizations out of the global pandemic and into a better 2021.

IT Service Desk Trends for 2021

Here are the Key Service Desk Trends for 2021

It was great to see that many IT service desks were a vital part of organizational resilience during 2020. But what happens next as we enter 2021? Here are 4 predictions.

ITOM Explained (Well Sort Of)

ITOM Explained

This article by Stephen Mann takes a dive into the world of IT operations management (ITOM) and how it’s related to IT service management – attempting to offer a definition on what ITOM actually is and why it matters.

Which ITSM Topics Will Interest You Most in 2021?

ITSM Topics 2020

Which ITSM topics would you like to see us writing content on in 2021? Please share with us which topics would interest you most by taking our quick poll. Your answers will help drive our content schedule in the year ahead.

Drive Your ITSM Improvements with Kaizen


This article by Joe the IT Guy takes a look at the benefits of Kaizen, the key roles involved, the Kaizen process, and how to get started with carrying out kaizen-based improvements.

Maturity Matrices are Immature – I Hate Them!

Maturity Matrices

Here Daniel Breston takes a look at IT service management Maturity Matrices and why predescribed ones will never work right for your organization, and how you should instead approach them.