The Win(d)s of Change Management – Part 2

Change Management

In the second part of this series, Gary Percival provides advice on how to adopt a practical and pragmatic approach to change management in the new business and IT worlds.

10 Tips for Getting Started with Kanban


Kanban is a popular work – or workflow – management tool, especially in the worlds of Lean, Agile, and Devops? But how do you get started with Kanban boards? And more importantly, how do you make them successful? This article provides 10 key tips to help.

2021 ITSM Trends


How will ITSM, or service management per se, need to change in 2021? Or perhaps how it will be forced to change to reflect the radically different world that we now live and work in?

IT Support: Improve Where It Matters the Most

Like most IT service desk leaders you probably want or need to improve your IT support capabilities and outcomes. But where should you focus your attention and resources? This article by David Stewart will help you to understand this.

How to ITSMify a Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer

Cloud practitioners are usually deeply technical and experts in cloud architectures and software development. However, they’d also benefit from ITSM knowledge when it comes to putting their projects into production. Here Stevie Chambers explains how to achieve this.

Emergency Changes – How Preparation Helps to Reduce Risk

Emergency Changes

Here Joe the IT Guy shares three tips to consider, and apply, before committing your organization to the risk of an emergency change, from questioning the change’s emergency status to taking the time required to make the best decision possible.

Knowing the Signs of Potentially Bad ITSM Advice

Bad ITSM Advice

Here Stephen Mann dives into 9 all-too-common signs of bad ITSM advice – signs that suggest the author or the company they’re representing don’t know as much as think they do. So please, read this through and remember to watch out for these signs next time you read an ITSM article.