3 Lean Tips for ITSM

Lean Tips

This article by Joe the IT Guy describes three Lean concepts (Pull the Andon, Genchi Genbutsu and Gemba, and Nemawashi) that can be applied to ITSM – helping ITSM teams with their work tasks and enhancing the quality of leadership. Read it now.

How Has the COVID-19 Crisis Affected Your Wellbeing?

COVID-19 And Wellbeing

Working from home can be great but it isn’t always easy. So, has the COVID-19 crisis affected your wellbeing? Please help us find out where the industry is right now by taking 1-2 minutes to answer our latest Wellbeing in IT survey.

Working from Home – the Impact on Mental Wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing

This article looks at how work-life has changed for the now homeworking employees and how this has potentially impacted their mental wellbeing – featuring a real end-user example of Claire – a Project Manager.

ITSM in the New Normal – a Crowdsourced Perspective

ITSM in the New Normal

So much has changed with the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s important for IT organizations to realize that IT service delivery and support will likely never be the same. With that in mind, here 22 ITSM-ers share their thoughts and opinions on what ITSM will look like in this ‘new normal’.

The Path Out of COVID-19 Needs Service Management Tools

Service Management Tools

Research has shown that demand for modern, agile service management tools is greater than ever. This article by Patrick Bolger explains how IT groups with a strong digital strategy – who are acting now – will help the service management tools market to fly.

Five Things to Expect of ITSM in the New Normal

ITSM in the New Normal

What will the “new normal” mean for ITSM? Will it be more or less relevant? Can the ITSM frameworks and methodologies help us adjust, or will it hinder us from achieving credibility with our customers? How will working remotely affect our relationships with our suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders? Here, John Custy explores.

Next Steps for our Post-COVID-19 Future

Post-COVID-19 Future

In this article, industry authority Barclay Rae shares some practical activities that organizations – including yours – can take to plan for ITSM’s post-COVID-19 future across three key areas of: governance, data and analytics, and social continuity.

Using ITSM Tools for Cloud Governance

Cloud Governance

ITSM practitioners, practices, and tools should be considered important guardrails to add to any cloud adoption project. And there are no excuses for an ungoverned cloud. This article explains the importance of ITSM guardrails for cloud governance and lists several key tools and practices to put those guardrails on the cloud.

Why isn’t Agile Part of Your Business Continuity Approach?

Business Continuity in Texas

Are traditional business continuity planning and management practices dated? Daniel Breston thinks so. In this article, he explains many of the common business continuity issues and how blending in newer IT management approaches such as DevOps will help.