Post Pandemic: The Long-Term Changes to ITSM Best Practice

Changes to ITSM Best Practice

The business economic impact of COVID-19 is likely going to change almost every organization for at least the next 2-3 years. In this article, John Custy proposes eight ways that we can expect to see long-term changes to the world of ITSM after the pandemic.

Are Your People, Processes, and Technology Ready for the “New Normal”?

ITSM Capabilities

In a post COVID-19 world many are predicting that increased numbers of employees working remotely will be the new standard. Others are wondering whether we’ll see another COVID-19 style crisis in the near future. Both points offer up an important question: Are your ITSM capabilities – the people, processes, and technology – prepared for the “new norm”?

How Will COVID-19 Change the World of ITSM?


So much has changed already in the world of ITSM in light of COVID-19. What was important last week could be either vital or irrelevant today. Here, Patrick Bolger shares his views on how the pandemic will impact the industry long-term.

How Many of These Homeworking Mistakes Are You Making? 

Homeworking Mistakes

This article calls out a number of the potential homeworking mistakes to avoid in the hope that it prevents others from making them too – from losing the divide between work and home life to working in total silence. How many of these are you potentially guilty of?

The Two Trends that Will Shape the Future of ITSM

Future of ITSM

Businesses are in the midst of a fundamental sea-change where everything we know about how the world works will change. In this article, Charles Araujo explains the two macro trends that are converging and how this convergence will impact the future of ITSM.

What Does 2020 Hold for ITIL 4 and Its Adoption?

ITIL4 a Crowdsourced Perspective

What does a host of ITSM tool vendor personnel, industry analysts, and training service providers think the year ahead will hold for ITIL 4, when asked: “How do you see ITIL 4 impacting the ITSM industry over the next few years?”

It’s Time to Improve your IT Service Desk Reporting

Service Desk Reporting

If your organization is investing significant time in creating performance reports that aren’t being read or acted upon by your department, then it’s time to put that right. To help, this article provides five IT service desk reporting tips. Take a look!

The Similarities and Differences between ITIL 4 and VeriSM

ITIL 4 and VeriSM Compared

This article explores how the two service management approaches of ITIL 4 and VeriSM are either different or similar by going over their core concepts side-by-side – looking at governance, operational models, principles, and overall concepts.