ITSM in 2020: Five Important Trends to Watch

ITSM in 2020

Most changes in ITSM are not quick to come to fruition, as such it’s highly unlikely that ‘trends’ like AI will take the field by storm as many have predicted. But what then should we expect in 2020? This article looks at five trends that may indeed change service management in the year ahead.

Do You Need to Invest More in Your Continual Improvement Register?

Continual Improvement Register

When undertaking continual improvement it’s advisable to have a list of what you’d like to improve, which ITIL 4 calls a Continual Improvement register, and this article by Joe the IT Guy looks at what’s needed to keep your continual improvement register useful.

ITIL 4 Adoption – Where Are We Right Now?

ITIL 4 Adoption

With ITIL 4 the most requested ITSM topic for our 2020 articles, we’ve kicked off a short survey to look at how quickly the ITSM industry is likely to move with ITIL 4 adoption (and/or transition). It’s completely anonymous, so please kindly spare us one minute of your time to complete it?

Avoid the Challenges in Bringing True Change to Your IT Operating Model

IT Operating Model

Are you experiencing a cycle of disappointment and failure in trying to bring about real change in your organization? Here Steve Morgan discusses how a recent trip to the fairground reminded him of the many of the emotions businesses go through during their change programs, and ways to avoid them.

3 Tips for Better Software License Management

With ITAM now one of ITIL 4’s 34 management practices, it’s time to raise awareness of all things ITAM-related, including software license management. So, to help this article offers three practical tips on how to get a better handle on your software licensing obligations.

How to Run Your Cloud with ITSM Guardrails

ITSM Cloud Sprawl

This article looks at how organizations can “wrap the cloud with ITSM” for most end users – which helps to create governance “guardrails” for its use. These guardrails simultaneously make the cloud “easier to eat” while also ensuring that it’s also compliant and well-governed.

6 Common ITIL Newbie Mistakes to Avoid

ITIL Newbie Mistakes

Are you back at work after completing your ITIL exams, wanting to make a difference by putting your newly minted ITSM qualification to work? Well, before you do, take the time to understand the mistakes that are commonly made by people, and their organizations, once ITIL qualified by reading this article.

How to Negotiate the Best Deals with IT Suppliers

IT Suppliers

Sealing the best deal on a hardware, software, or services contract comes down to more than just price. Sure, you may realize upfront savings, but you risk incurring unforeseen expenses. To help, here are four tips that will allow you to be a step ahead in any contract negotiations with IT suppliers.