The 5 Hottest ITSM Trends and Topics for 2020

ITSM 2020 Hot Topics

What will we all be concerned about in ITSM in 2020? To help, here’s a poll-results-based article that looks at what will be the hot trends and topics – in terms of reader interest – in 2020. If nothing else, you’ll probably be surprised at where some ITSM topic areas have been voted in at.

2020 Predictions: Predictive Analytics Will Be the Name of the ITSM Game

2020 Predictions

In the world of service management, it’s a fact that analytics will continue to be a driving force in decision-making in 2020, and in this article we look specifically at how not just analytics, but predictive analytics will continue to grow in importance, impacting ITSM and how organizations conduct business.

Customers: It’s Time to Think About Mental Health

Mental Health

Recently in our industry, there’s been a lot of talk (and some action) about mental health. With this in mind, this article looks at what, as a customer, you should be thinking about in order to protect the mental health of your service providers to ensure that you get the most from the relationship.

Value Streams – What You Need to Know

River Value Streams

In this article, industry authorities Paul Wilkinson and Daniel Breston discuss the importance of value streams, looking at how they function, and explaining why you’ll need to change your thinking about work to benefit from them.

ITSM in 2020 – It’s Time to Get Focused on the Right Things

ITSM in 2020

This isn’t yet another article listing out five or more things that ITSM pros should be focused on in 2020; instead it looks at helping you identify three things that you need to concentrate your efforts on in 2020 for it to be considered a successful year.

Debunking the Common IT Asset Management Myths

IT Asset Management Myths and Unicorns

All too often people view IT asset management as an unnecessary expense or they find a multitude of excuses (which are often based on myths) that prevent them from investing time, effort, and money in ITAM capabilities. So this article aims to debunk said myths, and overlay the facts over the fiction.

Enterprise Service Management Tips? Heck Yeh!

ESM Robot

Ultimately, enterprise service management is about taking the lessons we’ve learned in IT – in particular about service delivery and support – and applying them to the rest of the organization. Interested? To help, this article offers up four tips for getting started with enterprise service management.

ITSM Trends in 2020 – the Crowdsourced Perspective

ITSM trends

This article brings together the 2020 opinions of a variety of people from 18 ITSM tool vendors and two support-professional membership bodies. These are people who have, if you stop to think about it, their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the ITSM industry right now…

Service Management in 2020 – the 6 Key Challenges

Service Management in 2020 Key Challenges

This article looks at a recent report that offers guidance to IT departments entitled “Brex-IT – How will public sector IT cope in 2020?” and discusses how the challenges highlighted within the report are applicable to service management in 2020.