Good ITSM Hygiene Means Better Use of AI

Good ITSM Hygiene

The fact is that if the data and information captured within your knowledge articles or incident records or other ITSM artifacta is of poor quality, then the resulting actions (using AI) will likely be of poor quality. Here Doug Tedder explains how to avoid this and practice good ITSM hygiene.

How to Successfully Implement a New ITSM Tool

Implementing an ITSM Tool

The fact is that you have to change various aspects of your existing practices in order to deliver the benefits you expect from any new ITSM tool, and that’s not easy. To help, here are five tips that range from using organizational change management tools and techniques to adopting continual improvement.

Is Your IT Support Team at Breaking Point?

Man at Breaking Point

Are your IT service desk teams at breaking point? Over-stretched and ridiculously busy? Where people are working long hours and are probably stressed – with this affecting team morale, the level of human errors, and your CSAT scores. If so, Steve Morgan might have the answer for you in this article.

Do You Know the Main Reasons Organizations Change ITSM Tool?

ITSM Tool Churn Results

The ITSM industry still sees a high level of ITSM tool churn. To better understand the main reasons why we ran a poll for anyone that had changed ITSM tool in the last two years. This article shares the results and also compares them against our previous ITSM tool churn polll, which we ran in 2017.

The Growing Importance of Knowledge to IT Support

Reading Knowledge

We all know the value of knowledge management in helping IT support, but it’s important not to forget two additional use cases for ITSM knowledge and how it can make a big difference to the level of success for both IT self-service and the introduction of AI-enabled IT support capabilities. Here we explain more.

Training Your Staff to Use ITSM Tools: 5 Tips to Success

Staff Training

Selecting and implementing the right ITSM tool is one thing, but getting your staff to successfully use it is another. To assist you, here are five simple tips to help your staff to use your new ITSM tool successfully – from communicating the why to driving the right behaviors.

How to Use SAM to Create and Maintain your CMDB

CMDB Software Asset Management (SAM)

While much has been written about the need for ITSM and ITAM to work closely together, in this article Rory Canavan goes a step further to explain how software asset management can add value to ITSM’s service configuration management practice.

The Pros and Cons of IT Service Desk Benchmarks

Weighing up the pros and cons of benchmarking

Benchmarks can be powerful tools in understanding how well your IT service desk is performing and for the identification of improvement opportunities. With that in mind, this article aims to help you to better understand some of the cons, that sit alongside the pros, of using IT service desk benchmarks.

8 Tips for Putting Your ITIL Qualification into Practice 

Putting Your ITIL Qualification to Use

If you’ve just taken your ITIL Foundation Certification exam or if you’ve still to take it and are thinking about how best to use your learning in the workplace, then this article is for you. Take a read of these eight tips for putting your new ITIL learning into practice.

5 Key Benefits of Self-Service for IT

Benefits of Self-Service

Notwithstanding the fact that a dollar saved by IT through badly-implemented self-service might incur an extra two dollars of costs from an end-user perspective, cost savings are not the only driver for self-service and, for many, it’s not the most important benefit. Here we look at the other additional benefits.