Hey, Why Did You Change Your ITSM Tool?

ITSM Tool Replacement

If you’ve changed your ITSM tool in the last two years, or are planning to, please can you spare us 30 seconds to let us know why? We last ran this poll in 2017, and will be using the latest results to report on whether or not the key drivers for switching tool have or haven’t changed over the years.

Managed Hosting Services: How Can Customers Benefit?

Managed Hosting Services Title Image

Though self-hosted options may appear the easiest and most cost-effective, they can pale in comparison to the benefits of managed hosting services. This article looks at how managed hosting functions as a service model, as well as the myriad of benefits it presents to both customers and business owners.

6 Ways AI Can Transform ITSM Tools

Artificial Intelligence Robiti holding AI

Truth to be told, in the future no one knows how advancements in AI will affect our lives. We have to wait and watch. But one thing is sure in terms of ITSM – AI will definitely change ITSM processes and practices. As such, this article digs a little deeper to see how AI will change future ITSM solutions.

9 DevOps and ITIL Tips – “No shouting at each other (please)”

DevOps and ITIL

DevOps and ITIL stakeholders need a good understanding of each other and how their two worlds can work better together. This article describes the current friction points between the two groups and offers nine tips on how they need to work together for the best business outcomes.

How to Map the Service Desk User Journey for Better User Experiences

Service Desk User Journey

Providing a quality customer experience means devising a plan and sticking with it, but doing so requires a little customer journey mapping. Here Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord looks at the key steps for getting started with mapping your customer journeys, from the right questions to ask, to creating user personas.

6 Benefits of Visual Asset Dependency Mapping

Asset Discovery

Want to know more about visual asset dependency mapping? If so, then this article is for you. Please read on to find out more about why it’s essential for your datacenter along with the required steps – starting with the auto-discovery of assets – including six key benefits it delivers.

ITSM Improvement: Tips for IT Self-Service

Tips for IT Self Service

Providing employees with self-service access to IT services is commonly seen as a key initiative for overstretched IT service desks – with the aim of reducing costs, speeding up resolutions and provisioning, and delivering a better employee experience. But few are getting it right! This article of tips aims to help.

3 Cloud Myths Debunked


There are still organizations out there that are loath to make the move to the cloud. Sometimes the reasons for staying on-premises are very real, but sometimes it might be a case of believing many of these nigh decade-old cloud myths…

Experience Matters: 9 CX and ITSM Nuggets from Refresh19

Customer experience CX

In IT we need to go further than the mindset of “supporting the people, not the IT” to be more focused on the business-level outcomes achieved through what we do in IT. This article which offers up some of the key learning points from Refresh19 London – a Freshworks customer event – aims to help you achieve this.