8 Tips for Building a Seamless Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud migration

When it comes to cloud migration, IT decision makers often worry about things such as moving complex workloads and possible data loss – but it doesn’t have to be problematic. In this article we share eight tips for building a seamless cloud migration strategy that will help your organization to get things right.

The ITIL Service Value System Explained

The ITIL Service Value System

Much has changed in ITIL 4 and thus there’s a lot to get one’s head around! This article quickly explains what the ITIL 4 service value system is and what it contains: the guiding principles, governance, service value chain, management practices, and continual improvement.

IT Service Desk Improvement: 3 Tips for Better Customer Service

Better Customer Service

This article offers up three tips for better customer service – with these applicable to IT professionals who are either offering service and support to their business colleagues or the same to customers in other companies, i.e. via external customer support or managed service provision.

How to Improve Your IT Support Team’s Wellbeing and Mental Health

Improve Your IT Support Team’s Wellbeing and Mental Health

The service desk can be a stressful environment. The sheer number of calls – and the potentially stressful nature of those calls – can progressively affect agents and their wellbeing. This article looks at possible wellbeing issues on the service desk and offers advice on how to best tackle, or ideally, prevent them.

The Future of ITSM – Survey Results 2019

The future of ITSM 2019

This article shares the findings of our 2019 Future of ITSM survey, which covered 13 questions on topics such as ITSM best practice and new technologies. Key findings include that 84% of respondents think that working in IT will get harder over the next three years! Click-through for the full report, no sign up required.

The ITIL 4 Service Value Chain Explained

Blown away by ITIL 4

Here Daniel Breston takes a closer look at the ITIL 4 Service Value Chain and asks you to observe and consider the impact of what it depicts against the way you deliver value with technology-based solutions at your organization today.

What Service Desk Managers Should Know About AI

A man explaining AI

Because AI is rapidly changing many of the ITSM operations and tasks we deal with regularly, the time is ripe for disruption of the IT service desk industry. To help explain “the art of the AI possible,” this article looks at the key areas that service desk managers need to understand about AI.

SAM Global Report 2018 – The Top 5 Takeaways

SAM Global Report 2018

This article looks at some of the findings and analysis from the recent SAM Charter Software Asset Management Global Report, offering a glimpse into how many organizations are scoring with their SAM maturity.

7 Common ITSM Data Quality Management Issues

ITSM Data Quality Management Issues

This article by Mikko Juola digs into the problem of bad ITSM data, describing the seven most-common data-quality management issues he sees when offering data-quality-improving capabilities to customers; including no data ownership and missing skillsets.