DevOps Unicorns and Horses for Courses!

DevOps stable

In this article Paul Wilkinson questions whether, that while organizations might aim to be DevOps-propelled technology unicorns, there aren’t just unicorns and horses – the reality is that there are many types of horses. And some of them aren’t that great a ride. What on earth is he talking about? Read on.

5 Ways to Improve Your IT Service Desk

How to improve your IT service desk

This article looks at 10 common challenges faced by IT service desks (equally applicable in enterprise service management scenarios) and how you can use them to identify and progress a number of opportunities to improve.

The Importance of Managed Emotional Metrics in ITSM

Emotional measurement

This article focuses on the importance of emotional metrics. Opinions are subjective of course, however the power of human instinct and feeling should not be ignored. If the customer perceives the service to be sub-par, then the chances are this is the case – regardless of the attainment of any SLA!

Just How Many DevOps and ITSM Tools Do You *Really* Need?

DevOps Chain

This article looks at the pros and cons of DevOps toolchains (a combination of tools that aid in the delivery, development, and management of applications throughout the systems development lifecycle) and questions how many DevOps, ITSM, and other IT management tools your organization really needs.

ITIL 4 Explained

ITIL 4 fireworks

Here Akshay Anand – Lead Architect for the ITIL update – gives the lowdown on the new ITIL 4, including the new service value system, the ‘four dimensions’, the updated guiding principles (originally found in ITIL Practitioner), and the change of processes to practices.

Knock, Knock – Who’s There? ITIL 4 … ITIL for Who?

Door knocking 03

While many will notice the 34 ITIL 4 practices vs ITIL v3’s 26 processes, there are other potentially more important points to note with the updated ITIL best practice. For instance, the greater focus on people, and the inclusion of governance in the new ITIL 4 Service Value System (SVS). Here, Paul Wilkinson takes a look.

4 Tips for Improving the User Experience

User experience

This article by Kevin Smith looks at four things that can improve the user experience and help deliver the maximum value from the systems of IT across the business and to the people that are the lifeblood of the organization – including setting clear goals, and transparent design and user testing.

Will Your ITSM Data Issues Deliver Bad Experiences and Bad Bots?

ITSM Data Issues

In this article, we consider whether your average ITSM team is able to really take advantage of the opportunities that digital transformation, customer experience, and AI technologies offer. Specifically, to help you to better understand if your ITSM team is suitably positioned to deliver against the business requirements that are necessitating this increased exploitation of technology and data.