How to Better Understand the Total Cost of IT Service Desk Tools

Service Desk Tool Costs

Have you ever stopped to consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your current, or next, IT service desk tool? Not just the costs of buying the software but the all-in costs of what it takes to make the tool “fit for purpose” and to maintain this over time? Here we outline all the costs that you need to consider.

How Important is ITIL, and Other Certifications, to IT Service Desk Staff?

How Important is ITIL, and Other Certifications

How relevant is ITIL right now, especially for IT service desks and service desk agents? If you want some hot-off-the-press insight, new research data from HDI – in its 2018 Technical Support Practices & Salary Report – offers two perspectives on the value of ITIL certification to North American service desk agents.

What Could a Regular Huddle do for Your IT Service Desk?


All sorts of businesses are starting to hold daily team huddles and finding that they’re transforming the way they work. Team huddles not already a part of your workplace culture? This article contains everything you need to know about them and what they could do for your IT service desk operations.

The 12-Step Journey to Modern Service Management

Looking forward

This article summarizes the 12-step journey to Modern Service Management. It provides useful nuggets of information and takeaways you can apply immediately; with the journey map used to help to prevent and/or mitigate failures and to optimize successes.

Understanding How to Demonstrate the Business Value of IT

A man excited about money growing on trees

In order to understand IT services better, and make the translation into business value, they can be broken down into three groups of properties: better IT services, faster delivery of IT services, and cheaper IT services. Here, industry authority Mark Smalley takes a closer look at these three dimensions.

Tackling Common Knowledge Management Issues for IT Service Desks

Knowledge Management and IT Service Desks

Corporate IT service desks have long understood the opportunity, and benefits, of knowledge management, but far too many continue to struggle to make the most of what their service desk agents, and the wider IT organization, already know. The question is: why is this?

Run IT as a Business – 7 Things You Must Do

Run IT as a Business

Here Doug Tedder discusses seven fundamental things that IT must do to run like a business, including: having a compelling portfolio of services and products and exhibiting financial and business acumen. After all, the business of the future demands a technology partner that acts and runs like a business.

The Impact of DevOps on Business Continuity

Business continuity image

Agile and DevOps practices are adopted to help resolve complex business issues at speed while still providing an increased certainty of intent, quality, and safety, but have you ever stopped to think about the the impact of Agile and DevOps on your business continuity practices?  

Change Management: Who Should Approve a Change?

Change Management Approval

Should the person you’re asking to approve a change request actually be able to stop a change from occurring, even if everyone else agrees it should occur? This article aims to help you understand who in your organization is best positioned to approve changes.