ITIL Knowledge Management for the IT Service Desk – 18 Benefits

Knowledge Management Benefits

Knowledge management as a corporate capability is nothing new, but still too few organizations are realizing its value (or doing it badly). Here we look at 18 benefits of knowledge exploitation from the perspective of business outcomes, operations, people, and customers.

Four Things That Ensure “Fit for Use”

IT Clothes fit for use

In IT it’s important to remember that while a solution may be technically-sound and “fit for purpose,” value cannot be realized if those solutions are not also “fit for use.” Here Doug Tedder shares his advice on how to ensure that your solutions are both.

How to Measure Service Desk Value

Measuring the value of service desk

In this article, Aale Roos shares practical examples of how to best measure IT service desk value – and it doesn’t involve activity metrics such as availability and/or MTTR.

How ITSM Can Now Govern the Cloud

Governing the cloud

For too long IT service managers have been left out of the cloud explosion. Here Stevie Chambers explains how you can finally address the people, process, and technology aspects of cloud service management.

Machine Learning and The Third Way of Work

Using Machine learning

Technologies such as AI, machine learning, and natural language processing have finally reached a point where they can provide value to an organization. This article shows you how, specifically looking at IT incident categorization and assignment.

What’s “Being Relevant” in IT?

Staying relevant in IT

IT isn’t about adding in new technology or automating processes with the latest gadgets and gizmos or buzzword solutions. It’s about facilitating more business value. So how should IT organizations focus on and demonstrate the business value they deliver?