Still Arguing Over Incidents and Problems? Really?

Still arguing over incidents and problems

A “problem,” a “problem ticket,” a “problem management process,” an “incident?” Here Matthew Burrows attempts to clear up the confusion between incidents and problems once and for all.

The State of Today’s ITSM

The State of Todays ITSM

How many people are actually using ITIL? DevOps? And are they able to measure their success? Here Roy Atkinson dives into the State of Today’s ITSM.

Filling the Gap in Maturity Models

Maturity Model Gaps

For a maturity model to properly support customer demand and supplier perception it needs two dimensions. Here Michael Croon explains why.

ITSM is About to Get Practical

itSMF UK ITSM17 Conference

ITSM17 promises to pack more punch than a hard-thrown Christmas snowball, with a strong focus on collaboration, relationship building, and peer support. Discover more here.