IT Service Desk Life in 2017

A bear on a bench

The findings of the Sunrise Mobile and Summer Survey are in and make interesting reading. So, what did we find out about IT service desk life in 2017?  

How Well Does IT Know the Business?

IT know the business

Please participate in our latest industry survey which looks to find out how well IT knows the business. The survey is completely anonymous.

What Problem Does ITIL Solve?

ITIL guidance

How do you convince senior IT and business leaders that ITSM, and specifically ITIL, are worth the time, effort, and money?

The Future of ITSM – the Statistics

The future of ITSM

The results of our Future of ITSM survey are in. Including how 82% of respondents believe that working in IT will get harder over the next three years…

Upcoming ITSM Meet Ups (UK and USA)

London, Orlando, and Manchester

Join us at one of upcoming ITSM meet ups in London, Orlando, and Manchester. Open to all – just food and drinks with ITSM friends. Find out more here.