ITIL Articles

If you’re a large organization, or an IT service provider offering services to large enterprises, then reviewing your standard service model on a regular basis is imperative. Ensuring that it stays aligned with your business and IT strategy. This article explains why and how to create one if you haven’t already got one in place.
Continuous (or continual) improvement is something that every IT organization should have embedded in its practices. With that in mind, this article by Joe the IT Guy explains how to get the most from your continual improvement methods.
While PRINCE2 and ITIL are commonly seen as separate bodies of IT management best practice, this article offers a connection between the two – explaining how your organization can use the PRINCE2 methodology to help with its adoption of ITIL 4.
One year on from the launch of ITIL 4, we ran an survey to assess the level of its adoption across exam and qualification uptake, organizational use, and peoples’ expectations of benefits of the new body of ITSM guidance. The results will likely surprise you.
The global COVID-19 crisis has focused organizations on many things, including continuity planning and disaster recovery. However, it’s also highlighted the need for better risk management. This article from AXELOS looks at how various ITIL 4 practices will help your organization to better assess and manage risks.
This article looks to demonstrate the importance of the ITIL 4 service value system and how demand and opportunities enter the workflows in your organization. 
What does a host of ITSM tool vendor personnel, industry analysts, and training service providers think the year ahead will hold for ITIL 4, when asked: “How do you see ITIL 4 impacting the ITSM industry over the next few years?”
This article explores how the two service management approaches of ITIL 4 and VeriSM are either different or similar by going over their core concepts side-by-side – looking at governance, operational models, principles, and overall concepts.
When undertaking continual improvement it’s advisable to have a list of what you’d like to improve, which ITIL 4 calls a Continual Improvement register, and this article by Joe the IT Guy looks at what’s needed to keep your continual improvement register useful.
This article takes a look at the change in mindset that comes with ITIL 4 and how “value” is positioned as a central element rather than a “service” as in ITIL v3. Plus three ways that it works better with other approaches such as DevOps.
With ITIL 4 the most requested ITSM topic for our 2020 articles, we’ve kicked off a short survey to look at how quickly the ITSM industry is likely to move with ITIL 4 adoption (and/or transition). It’s completely anonymous, so please kindly spare us one minute of your time to complete it?
Are you back at work after completing your ITIL exams, wanting to make a difference by putting your newly minted ITSM qualification to work? Well, before you do, take the time to understand the mistakes that are commonly made by people, and their organizations, once ITIL qualified by reading this article.
What will we all be concerned about in ITSM in 2020? To help, here’s a poll-results-based article that looks at what will be the hot trends and topics – in terms of reader interest – in 2020. If nothing else, you’ll probably be surprised at where some ITSM topic areas have been voted in at.
What is the role of ITSM in supporting an organization’s journey to digital transformation in 2020 and beyond? This article explores.
This article brings together the 2020 opinions of a variety of people from 18 ITSM tool vendors and two support-professional membership bodies. These are people who have, if you stop to think about it, their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the ITSM industry right now…