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Here Ian Aitchison offers up guidance for any organization that’s looking to successfully use AI-enabled capabilities to improve their IT service delivery and support. Including whether you should use built-in AI features, add-on AI, or DIY AI solutions.
Can you help us to create and share much-needed industry statistics on the state of service management by answering our latest survey? The results will be helpful to many readers and ITSM practitioners. Thank you.
We asked ten ITSM industry authorities for their view on the guidance and help organizations need for succeeding with the adoption of AI-enabled capabilities. This is what they said.
What do organizations need to be doing to ensure that they use AI to their best advantage? This article by John Custy seeks to answer this, as well as other key questions that you and your colleagues might have related to AI, machine learning, and ITSM.
This article explores the results of an ITAM survey which asks the software licensing and IT asset management community to self-assess the quality of the software request process in their organization. The answers are pretty revealing. See the results here.
The cyber threats landscape is expected to change in 2021. As hackers discover new ways of compromising your business, ITSM personnel must be ready for any attack. Here’s what you need to know.
Here we’ve rounded up a list of seven of the most recent analyst reports for ITSM that are free-to-access via ITSM tool vendors. This includes the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities reports. Get them all here.
This article takes a look at three learning models that can be used to help you learn more about ITSM: experiential learning, evidence-based learning, and flipped learning. If you’re considering ITSM training in the near future have a read and see which format may work best for you.
In honor of Valentine’s Day, I asked a number of people working in IT and ITSM roles what they love most about working in IT. The answers were varied and make for interesting reading. Take a look and see if it perhaps reinforces the reason(s) why you also love working in IT (or perhaps don’t).
As enterprises consider their IT strategies for the next 12 months, they need to reassess one particular area – how to tackle the excessive ITSM costs that undermine wider digital transformation objectives.
This article explains – via eight tips – why and how your ITSM and ITAM capabilities will be better if you focus on getting them working together for the better. Take a look.
TOPdesk spoke with 500 business and technology leaders as part of its Transforming the Norm survey to understand the business transformation caused by the pandemic and to offer insights into the future of business.
This article reports back on the results of our latest content poll, which asked respondents to choose the five ITSM topics they most need help with in 2021. We also look at how things have changed versus 2020. Get the results here.
This article by Stephen Mann walks through what he thinks should be atop of your list of ITSM priorities for 2021. From security to wellbeing, business resilience to machine learning, your number 1 priority is likely not what you think it should be…
For IT departments to demonstrate their value, they need to transition from their current reactive role to one that is proactive and strategic. But what steps do they need to take? This article explains.