ITSM Articles

What was the primary driver behind you last changing your ITSM tool? Lack of flexibility? Security issues? Please share via our poll.
How would you explain some of your ITSM activities to a five-year-old? Or even to somebody outside of your IT Support team for that matter?
A comprehensive list of links to access ten analyst reports for free including the Gartner ITSSM Magic Quadrant, and Ovum Decision Matrix.
10 ITSM Tool Selection RFP Tips, crowdsourced by Roy Atkinson. Including “focus on the right things” and “Don’t get lost in the weeds.” See more here.
“Why do we continue to waste the BI opportunity that sits atop our wealth of ITSM data?” Asks Stephen Mann. Read more here.
Ahead of the first IT in the Park event, Toby Moore chatted to Stephen Mann about his session ‘Provide People Support, Not IT Support’.
What do enterprises really want from IT service management? Stephen makes looks at a wide array of answers. Find out more here.
What can a corporate service desk do to better manage and deliver against customer expectations? Here are a few practical tips.
“What should we in ITSM be doing in relation to DevOps?” Stephen Mann gives his advice on how to see the value of DevOps. Take a look here.
How fast does your service desk respond to, and resolve, incidents and service requests? Do you know what your customer expectations are?
When you’re giving, or receiving, good customer service do you stop to consider these four points? They could help improve your experience.
This article offers a deep dive into Naavia’s latest survey of the ITSM Industry makes for an interesting read. See more here.
Stephen Mann looks at the results of a Technology Business Management (TBM) Council and KPMG survey and shares its insights.
Forgetting Big Data, just how good is your average corporate IT organisation at analysing its IT performance data?
CIOs need to do so much more than managing the IT infrastructure, and business applications, if they want the oft-discussed “seat on the board”. Read more here.