People Articles

This article by Matthew Burrows focuses on the state of skills, using the Digital Skills Landscape 2018 report, from SkillsTx and BSMimpact, to highlight the current state of skills availability in IT. Are we overly humble in our opinion of our skills or is it the reverse?
Here Stephen Mann takes his latest negative customer experience and turns it into five simple, but practical, pieces of advice for anyone (whether they be in internal or external support) to follow when handling a customer complaint.
There’s one major area of IT that unlike the rest isn’t clearly defined — the people. And it’s why effective stakeholder management is so vital to your IT success. Here we dig into what stakeholder management is and provide a simple, five-step framework to help manage your stakeholders more effectively.
Here Paul Wilkinson discusses a key enabler of COBIT – “Culture, Ethics and Behavior” – which can help address people-related issues, and queries why it isn’t seen as sufficiently critical to warrant its further development.
Some corporate IT organizations feel uncomfortable with the term “customer experience” when referring to internal end users. So, is employee experience a better term? And if it is, what are the barriers to success and how can you get it right? This article explains all.
How do we focus on the people side of change in this brave new world of constant and complex change? Karen Ferris shares her views.
How can the Skills Framework for the Information Age help you as CIO to understand what knowledge, skills, and experience you have in your team?
Consumerization is driving the replication of B2C support capabilities & technologies in IT departments, making it far more than just “a good thing to do.”
Here Matt Hooper asks: “Does great customer service translate into a great customer experience?” and “Does a great experience result in great service?”
Eliciting organizational change can be difficult. Here a number of people give their advice on facilitating change and how to get get management buy-in.