The Problem with the IT Self-Service Portal

IT Self-Service Portal Problems

This article offers up three places to start when beginning a portal implementation or to review a current portal, looking at your vision and scope, governance, and support experience.

The State of IT Self-Service in 2021

State of IT Self Service

This article presents some of the key survey findings of our State of IT Self-Service in 2021 report, including how only one in five organizations (21%) reported that the expected ROI for their IT self-service investment was achieved.

What IT Service Desks Need to Do in 2021

IT Service Desks 2021

This article by Patrick Bolger delves into four key steps for IT service desks to take to help drive their organizations out of the global pandemic and into a better 2021.

Are Your People, Processes, and Technology Ready for the “New Normal”?

ITSM Capabilities

In a post COVID-19 world many are predicting that increased numbers of employees working remotely will be the new standard. Others are wondering whether we’ll see another COVID-19 style crisis in the near future. Both points offer up an important question: Are your ITSM capabilities – the people, processes, and technology – prepared for the “new norm”?

The Growing Importance of Knowledge to IT Support

Reading Knowledge

We all know the value of knowledge management in helping IT support, but it’s important not to forget two additional use cases for ITSM knowledge and how it can make a big difference to the level of success for both IT self-service and the introduction of AI-enabled IT support capabilities. Here we explain more.

5 Key Benefits of Self-Service for IT

Benefits of Self-Service

Notwithstanding the fact that a dollar saved by IT through badly-implemented self-service might incur an extra two dollars of costs from an end-user perspective, cost savings are not the only driver for self-service and, for many, it’s not the most important benefit. Here we look at the other additional benefits.

ITSM Futures: Will AI Unlock Self-Help?

Will AI Unlock Self Help?

This article by Roy Atkinson takes a deep dive into recent HDI research to shed some light on the current state of knowledge management, the reasons organizations have decided to provide self-help, how they provide that help, and what some of the barriers to improvement are.

ITSM Improvement: Tips for IT Self-Service

Tips for IT Self Service

Providing employees with self-service access to IT services is commonly seen as a key initiative for overstretched IT service desks – with the aim of reducing costs, speeding up resolutions and provisioning, and delivering a better employee experience. But few are getting it right! This article of tips aims to help.