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It was the worst year of a generation, but let’s put a positive spin on things – 2020 was the best year for digital transformation. This article explains why.
We asked our readers which topic areas they and their fellow ITSM practitioners would like content-related help with in 2022, and here we share the results.
Digital transformation efforts must be built around people and their expectations, not the technological capabilities that are now available. Here Sami Kallio discusses why introducing the right mechanisms and metrics, employing data-driven decision making, and driving the needed cultural change, is so important.
If you add Montgomery Ward, Carlos Ritz (yes, from Ritz Carlton Hotels), and Richard Normann (Mr. “Moment of Truth”), then you have the foundation for modern-day service management principles and the basis for digital transformation success.
How did your IT organization, group, or department fare during the global pandemic? Patrick Bolger’s research identified three distinct groups in terms of performance – where does yours fit?
Taking the technology-based approach of “Let’s transform by buying a new tool” isn’t digital transformation. To find out what is, and what you need to do, please read this article by Roy Atkinson.
The global pandemic accelerated digital transformation strategies for many organizations. But where do they go next? To help, this article looks at the future of digitally-enabled organizations by examining the past.
What core capabilities and practices do organizations need to digitally transform and evolve in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world?
How can business and IT leaders support the cultural changes that will be needed to increase agility and resilience in the digital age? Here Erin Casteel explores, in her second article of a three-part series.
As enterprises consider their IT strategies for the next 12 months, they need to reassess one particular area – how to tackle the excessive ITSM costs that undermine wider digital transformation objectives.
TOPdesk spoke with 500 business and technology leaders as part of its Transforming the Norm survey to understand the business transformation caused by the pandemic and to offer insights into the future of business.
This article reports back on the results of our latest content poll, which asked respondents to choose the five ITSM topics they most need help with in 2021. We also look at how things have changed versus 2020. Get the results here.
Organizations need to focus on digitally enabled business innovation and experiential excellence if they want to remain competitive over the next few years. Get insights here. has a new Enterprise Service Management and Digital Transformation survey running in conjunction with AXELOS to provide the industry with fresh adoption data, plus guidance and inspiration. Please take the survey :)
Here, 41 ITSM and IT management industry authorities provide what they believe to be practical advice for IT leaders to help them succeed in 2021 and beyond. The responses are interesting and varied, so please take a look.