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The Journey To Wellness Team
Background and Qualifications

My background has been one of an ongoing progression of education, life experience, and of overcoming personal life health struggles; all which has well prepared me to help others achieve optimal physical and spiritual wellness. I graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, from Georgia State University with a Masters of Education in Counseling, and from Clayton College with a Ph.D. in Wellness and Natural Health. I am a Nationally Board Certified Counselor, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, and have amassed 20 years in the Health and Wellness Field.

My personal spiritual path has carried me on the journey of lifetimes. I down played my natural intuitive and healing abilities for all of my life. Although I had been told by many healers, intuitives, and spiritual gurus that I came here to heal and transforms lives, I never took it seriously. It was difficult for me to comprehend and accept. After spending 3 months in India I began to accept and polish my gift and upon my return from India, I started noticing that when I would meet with my clients to discuss health concerns I would "hear" what was happening in their body with astounding accuracy. I then began to "see" what was happening in my clients bodies. And then from there, to my surprise; as I was seeing clients my hands would begin to burn like they were on fire, and I would go to my client, touch them and they would report back that their symptoms were alleviated and illnesses were healed.

This kind of healing is referred to as "hands-on" healing and people for centuries have experienced this phenomenon. It is difficult for our human mind to comprehend but easy for us to receive the benefits if we simply believe. What can't be explained in words...will be felt in one session!!

I greatly look forward to meeting you, and providing you with Perfect, Absolute, and Divine Health...Always.   Blessings - Dr. McMahon

“I always believed in taking care of your body…eating right, exercising, and taking the time to relax. Unfortunately all these things were not good enough. I found myself in a dire health situation that no conventional doctor could diagnose or cure. . I spent years riddled in pain and I felt my life was over.  I was a counselor working with children and families and could not longer perform my daily responsibilities. I spent every second reading holistic literature and finding a cure. If it were not for my searching for answers and for a very talented herbalist I would not be where I am today. I went back to school to study Natural Health and decided to dedicate my life to helping others heal…physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, not endured. I look forward to helping you find your way back to optimal health”. 
-- Dr.Pam

Enjoying nature in Tucson

 In the vault where raw herbs are measured
 and mixed to treat various conditions

The herbal vault where raw ingredients are stored and mixed

2008 visit to a renowned Chinese
natural health and herbal research
center in Beijing, China
Hand, nail and tongue analysis being performed
at the Research Center

Nail and tongue analysis being performed

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